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The team at J&L have always been very good. I am convinced they are doing their best to analyze the problem and provide the most cost effective solution. I trust these guys and will continue using their services for my auto repairs.

John Booth

Great. Good price and good work.

Description of Work: Wheel damage repair

Overall Grade: A

Can’t say how much I appreciate these guys. Being a female and not from the city to get a lot of personal recommendations, finding a mechanic has always been a challenge for me. J&L is GREAT and I’m going to recommend them to anyone who may ask me. For one main reason… HONESTY. I had an issue that cannot be quickly (and without a lot of money) competed [went for an alignment, but found it my undercarriage is extremely rusted and seized]. They tried their best to rectify my issue, but called me to let me know the real damage and didn’t charge me for the work they did try their best to complete. Just that makes me so appreciative. On top of that, they’re very nice and personable as well. DEDINITELY come here!

Vanessa Choate

I have lived in several different areas of the country and always tried to find a good car repair shop in each city. None compare to J&L Auto Service. Fantastic customer service, extremely competitive pricing, easy to schedule appointments, and the work done has always exceeded my expectations. I write this fearing that they will get flooded with business and I will have difficulty getting an appointment! However, superior customer service and high quality work deserve recognition. J&L provide both.

Bob Hutchison

Good and fast service. Honest and friendly guys. Would recommend

Thierno Dieng

We have been taking our cars to J & L for the last 10 years. They are extremely honest, reliable and provide excellent customer service. They will never push extra work on a customer unless it’s really needed.

Overall Grade: A

Inspection of the car and it was better than Firestone.

Overall Grade: A

Full car inspection for potential mechanical problems. They found the car is road worthy except for valve cover leak and switch. They repaired the leak, replaced the switch and changed oil and filter. I am very pleased with their service.

Overall Grade: A

they are great

Description of Work: I can’t remember exactly, but I have been using them for at least 3-4 years for 4 cars and they have been trustworthy and  have done good work.

Overall Grade: A

I am moving here from CT, and felt something funny in the way my clutch was working. I used Angie’s list to find a good shop, and when I read the reviews for J&L, I thought it was too good to be true. In summary, the people at this shop lived up to every good review I read. They were extremely kind and professional. When I called, they told me to bring the car the next day and they would look at it. They called me by the afternoon to let me know that they had looked at it thoroughly, and that the clutch was fine, and that my brake pads had enough pad left on them that I should check them in a few oil changes, but not waste money changing them yet.  I went to pick up the car early the next afternoon, was greeted by a very friendly man, and the sweetest dog. When I went to pay, there was no charge. In CT, I would have paid for a diagnostic fee, and yet they told me that they couldn’t justify taking my money because they didn’t do anything but check the car out. I was shocked, to be honest, and extremely appreciative.  It’s truly nice to meet a group of people that really do care about providing good service and a great experience.  They have won my business! I can’t say enough good things about them, and after the way they treated me, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  I sincerely look forward to doing business with them in the future!

Description of Work: checked the clutch on my 2008 Saab, as well as the brakes

Overall Grade: A

Exceptional process

Description of Work: Replaced brake pads and rotors. Dealer wanted $1,000. [Cost: $550] Overall Grade: A

My car is now 13 years old and getting some age on it. Finding an honest car repair shop has been stressful as it seems everyone wants to up-sell me on something that is not needed, or just plain lie about what is wrong. J&L have been nothing short of fantastic. Shad has always explained what was found, what needs to be done, and how much money it might cost. Can’t recommend them enough!

Kendall Self

They were able to quickly diagnosed the problem and make the replacement quickly. I was extremely happy with the service I received.

Description of Work: Replaced rear right hub

Overall Grade: A

Excellent service. Glad I found an auto shop I can trust!I have had all of my automotive repairs and preventive maintenance performed by J&L for over 35 years. I have dealt with Randy, Gabe and Shad during all those years. I have found them to be expert mechanics, fair priced and provide excellent Service. One time while performing some preventive maintenance on one of my cars their mechanic found a $20 dollar bill in the back of the car. They put it on the front seat so I would see it when I picked the car up. Quality people and very honest!

Ruth Brown

I use to think that I needed to trust mechanics with exotic car brand on their shingles. Trust me, you can trust J&L. These guys are great and they are car guys. I will bring them all my cars. These guys gave me something I haven’t had in a long time, and that is to drive my 29 year old Porsche with confidence. They are attentive, experts, good at everything, and car guys! Thank you Angie’s List for this referral. I would never have know about these guys had I not gone to your website.

Description of Work: Analyzed and corrected electrical problems on a very complicated electrical system! Installed shifter bushings to perfection. Automotive Wizards and genuine nice People

Overall Grade: A

These folks are great! I would recommend them to anything, for the quality of work, pricing, and honesty!

Overall Grade: A

A/C fan in cabin was making a strange noise and vibrating. Took us in same day and found debris in the fan and outside duct. Dismantled the fan, cleaned out all the junk and it’s now running fine. Work was done in a half day and price was fair. Advice: Don’t park under a pine tree.

Overall Grade: A

They did a great job. They were very nice and courteous. I am very satisfied.

Description of Work: Replaced ball bearings on both sides of my car.

Overall Grade: A

I went to Angie’s List to look for other automotive repair shops and found J & L. I called when I was able to start the car and asked if I could bring it in that afternoon (Friday) while it was still running. Shad (you have a GREAT telephone voice by the way) told me up front that they probably wouldn’t be able to look at it until Tuesday morning. I appreciated the honesty as the other repair shop had kept it for 3 days when I had thought they would only have it for 1! Tuesday morning around 9:00 a.m. I received a call from Shad saying that the car was repaired and ready to drive out at a cost of only $108. And guess what? Not only does the parking brake now automatically disengage and the car start when the ignition is turned, but the driver’s seat which had stopped automatically adjusting (I was told by the other shop more than a year ago that it would cost $1200 just to buy the part needed to fix it) works too! A wonderful and unexpected bonus. Thanks J & L Auto Service! You have another satisfied, dedicated customer.

Description of Work: The folks at J & L Auto Service found two loose connections in the electric system of my S-Type Jaguar that had been causing various problems. For example, the automatic parking brake would sometimes not release causing delays while I tried (often 2 to 3 times) to release it manually. I had taken the car to another repair shop where they reconfigured something never precisely named on the invoice. The cost just for that service was $115, and I was told that the crank sensor would need to be replaced soon or the car would not start reliably. This did, in fact, occur about one week after the repair. I didn’t really have much confidence in that repair shop at that point even though they had serviced the car for the past 4 years.

Overall Grade: A

After searching Angie’s List, I decided to use J & L Auto Service to repair my daughter’s Jeep Wrangler.  Their website was great, even allowing for online appointments.  Chad and Gabe were terrific.  They called to explain the parts that needed to be replaced to fix the air conditioning and the brakes.  It seemed like so much to complete, but they finished everything by the next morning.  When we picked up the Jeep, Gabe took the time to explain to my daughter what she needed to do to prevent future brake problems.  Will definitely be using them again!

Description of Work: Repaired AC and brakes.

Overall Grade: A

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